L'Osservatorio # 23


E' bello avere una tecnologia che consenta di tenersi a contatto a distanza e rispondersi dieci volte nel giro di tre giorni. Questo l'antefatto: alcuni amici tedeschi conosciuti in viaggio, proprietari di un bell'albergo tipo-cascina in Portogllo, mi mandano i saluti e con l'occasione la preghiera di aiutare se posso una loro amica che intende venire a visitare il carnevale di Venezia.

    Nulla di meglio che passarvi una selezione del carteggio. In lingua, così anche gli amici stranieri capiranno finalmente qualcosa.

    Questa è l'occasione anche per diffondere informazioni su utilissimi siti veneziani. Se avete agganci ulteriori, non trattenetvi dal rendermene edotto.

Ciao e buona visione...




 Hi Max,
how arre your doing????? Is everything o.k.
We here in Reguengo, our place in Portugal, specially Kali and myself are fine. After a long
period of raining the spingtime starts and you can smell all around the flowering plants. We do not have many guests at the moment. But in April the saison with the tourist starts. The holidays in Thailand seem a long time ago.
Até log and many hugs from Kali too

Hi Max,
my name is Anna-Maria and I am living and working with Kali and Thomas at Reguengo. I am going by the end of next week to Germany
and then I would like to go to Venedig for Carneval. Therefore I would like to ask you if you could help me to find a accomodation for one ore two nights for myself and a friend of m ine.  We tried it very hard but of course there is at the moment nothing I can find. The touristic office offered my hotels and B&B near Caorle or Lignano. This seem a very long way to
go. May be you have friends or you now a address, where we could stay.
It must be nothing special. Please let me know, if you have an idea if this is not to much asked
Many regards


   Hi Thomas and Kali. Here spring is coming before any espectation, but seem to be a false start, as the metereologist predict lower degrees nex days. 

    By the way I've been to Venedig yesterday (sunday) and it was a lovely day, full of sun and some mask who zigged and zagged crazily around to have a little training of the places in preparation of next full carnival events.    

    As for the hotel Annemarie ask me, I can look around. I live in Mestre, the town connected to Venedig by the bridge, and usually most of the people stay here to sleep. Even Mogliano is a small town 15 minutes to VENEDIG by bus or train. Are a couple of days around 19-29 feb the period we are talking about?  If yes please let me know, and I'll try to find somewhere to book.    

    In the meanwhile, take a smell for me of the flowers around the Reguengo, till the time I'll be able to take a smell by myself.   

Ciao Max 



    Hallo Max,
thank you for your letter and the nice impression of Venice.
We have nice wether here too and a lot of work to prepare our appartments for the coming season. Tha´s life
Lots of hugs Thomas and Kali


    Hi Max,
thank you for answering so quick.
The friend of mine is still looking (and hoping) for a transport by bus and
a hotel over the 24th and and 25th of February. He is still thinking that
is not too late. It would be very nice for me, if you coul mail me your
telefonnumber and maybe the address of your bar, so at last I can visit you there. In the meantime thank you and lot of greeting

    I'll look around for 24 and 25, even if it looks not easy. In the meanwhile, start a surf over the Net and take a deep breathe at the Cranival in anticipation to the visit. Ciao, Max

   Hi Max,
thank you in advance that you will try to help us
 for a room to stay.
 I am now in Munich and if you have any information
 for me you can send this to my mail directli.
 May be you can give same kind of information how to
 get to your bar.
 Many regards in the meantime

Hi Annemarie,
unfortunately I have not yet succeed in finding a room for the nights of 24
and 25, even in the near town of  Mogliano. Terrible preview. Looks like this
Carnival will be even more crowded than the previous years.  A lot of joy, I suppose.

I never tried to find a room in this period before, but this year the experience
scared me a little bit. No places to stay until todays "recherche".
Anyway I asked a friend of mine who works into a big hotel in Mestre, the
mainland just connected to Venice. If there is still a possibility, he'll
tell me tonight.
I'll send you a new message tonight at 02:00. Stay tuned.
In the meanwhile, take a view at this pic: the crowd last saturday...

Segue: Hey, did you plan to come by car?

If yes, I've found a hotel in Marcon, for 250.000 a night.

I've booked it for the nights of 24 and 25.

Let me know urgently if you like it. Take a look at their web-site (...)

I've to confirm tomorrow morning.

Hi Max,
 thank you a lot for the reserch of a hotel room.
 To answer your question. We don´t like to come by car.
 My car is in portugal and the friend of mine has got
 a brandnew Alfa Romeo.
 After all our disapointing reserches and your work
 as well, we decided last night to go by train and not
 to stay over night. We go back by train on the same
 day at 23:00 h. This might be still time enough to
 have a impression. The photo you sent made me a little
 bit worried about all the people.
 Thank you for help. This time is may be not enough
 time to see you in your bar but may be the next time
 (not in carneval) in Venice.

Hi Annemarie,
I think you could see a lot of Venice and Carnival in one day, even if you
don't speed your brand new Alfa Romeo...  You are supposed to be a little bit tired after that.  Consider to have the reservation of your seats in the train for the return as well, because the crowd in these days could be devasting. Last sunday a friend of mine had to wait ten buses until one stop and pick him up!

    You will arrive to the Station Venezia S.Lucia, who opens right to the Grand
Canal. From there you can walk to Rialto Bridge and S.Marco Plaza in 45
minutes more or then. More if the crowd is overwelming. By feet is a good
chance to see all the small streets (calle) of Venice, the shops and the so
called "fields"  (campo) inside the town.
You shoul take also the  boat  (vaporetto) which runs inside the Grand Canal
and provides a wonderful view of palaces, bridges and landscapes. It takes
more than half an hour as well because it runs slowly ans stops at every
boat stop, but gives you a historical experience so don't miss it. The
problem could be the same: the crowd and the time to wait for access.
    Nevertheless take your time and be prepared to high costs. An one way run
costs 6000 lire. A pizza or sandwich (take away) costs 6-8000 lire without
drink can. If you decide to seat for eating elsewere you are espected to pay
30-40.000 for one simple meal up to 100-120.000 if you seat into  a simple restaurant. If
you look for some caracteristic place, the cost more than double.
    A fair compromise could be eating at the Zattere, the outfront border of the
lagoon wich provides you a nice view of the S.Giorgio Isle and lot of pizzeria-restaurant for touristic porpouse. Nice view outside the terrazzas, normal meal, but you have to ask
everytime for the list, so to be able to control the price of what you
order.  Most of the owners are well-known pirates!
    If you have the possibility, take a look at the Scuola di S.Rocco painting
museum, walking distance from the railway station direction S.Marco Plaza.
And Chiesa dei Frari has Tiziano Paintings as well, same direction, after
ten minutes walk.
Then The Bridge of Rialto has a wonderful view onto the Grand Canal. And
S.MArco plaza really worths the suffer of a swim into the crowd.  A
unespected opportunity to corss the Canal into a GONDOLA is provided by
several traghetto which cross the river in Rio S.Tomà, at the cost of only
750 liras (0,75). A two minutes unforgettable experience!

Many things to see, evrything astonoshing!   Even walking with no goals
fulfills your soul of Venice touches!

I can spend the morning and first afternoon wisiting Venice with you
saturday or sunday, until 4-5 pm. Later I have to come back to open the pub and robber my ouw customers... (he-he-he...)
If you mean I could help you someway else, feel free to ask me. Would be my pleasure, too.


 Hi Max,
 thank you a lot for all your information. They will be
 very helpful for us. When I read your details about
 all the crowd I am not really looking forward. And I
 have the feeling that might be a good decission to
 stay just for one day. If I would have known before
 that you can see the mask´s also before (as you sent
 the photo from last sunday) then I would have been
 traveled one week earlier.
 To morrow I will make the train reservation and then I
 will know, what time we arrive in Venice. But if there
 is a crowd as you discribe I think we will miss each
 other anyway. It might be an better idea to visit
 Venice twice and to meet you the second time, with more time to spend together. What do
 you think about???
 In the meantime


Ciao Annemarie,
you are right, this is not the best period for hanging around and discover
the beauties of whatever. Not with all these tourists flashing their wallets to be robbed inside a fairy tale.  In these days you can only enjoy a swim in the Fest spirit. It is a special event into a unique town notwithstanding the amount of visitors, and you will enjoy the amusing atmosphere. Feel free to follow the river of Zorros, Colombinas and Vacas Locas and you will find yourself everywhere something is happening. Dress comfortable shoes and robes, as you'll have not time to live a fashion event, but only walk and spit masks.
But anyway let me know the time of your arrival.
Probably I'll go to Venice saturday or sunday, so feel free to call me just
to know if I'm there and possibly we'll drink a "shadow" together, a glass
of whine under the shadow of the tower.
If you want to see a caracteristic place where to eat, ask for BACARI, the
general name of every caracteristic old tavern in town; there are several,
all traditional and not expensive, better for sure than every new venue.
Here are Links to Venice On The Net.   Take a look and enjoy:


And other italian carnivals - Viareggio :

And if not this time, next time we'll let our masks fall and drive to a wonderful trip around  town, island and  lagoon.

Ciao and enjoy your visit.



(And I'm not a Travel Agent yet...!)



MAXXX   mabonave@tin.it





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